"Donna thanks so much for a great workout today!!  I was out of it today.. I am sorry!! But you got my day off to the right start and I thank you!!!  Have a good week-end and I will see you Monday!! :)"

Rashawn Dickerson and Anita Carter

Donna and Corey,
I just want to send a note to all the camps out there who may think this camp will work for them. After the first five weeks I lost seven pounds, two inches off my shoulders, two and one quarter from my chest, one inch off my waist an d one quarter inch from my arms.. I would say this was a huge success for me. I was so estatice that I signed up for another five weeks of this INTENSE work out reigm.

For the campers I would like to know that I increase my fruit and vegetable intake. I did not eat any breads or sweets. This was extremely hard to do but I SUFFERED through it. I ate fruit with every meal and had raw vegetables for snacks. I am not telling any one that this would work for them but it did for me. I also worked out on the days when we did not have camp.  To all campers keep your abs tight and don't forget to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth!!!!!  To Corey and Donna thank you so much aiding me tore claim my health and body.
Patrice Obi seven pounds lighter...